Really the only ones we detailed to will say exactly the same thing (Drake and Zeke)

Really the only ones we detailed to will say exactly the same thing (Drake and Zeke)

Be sure to bombard Clear Channel Radio stations with calls to remove this glorious butt clown, Bobby Bones

DJ’s typically include annoying. I would be frustrated also together with focus on the ways Kacey states, aˆ?helloaˆ? is actually irrelevant and renders this whole thing pointless. Thanks to this amazing site for publishing the full meeting but aˆ?Bobby Bonesaˆ? does not deserve a page on any web site, and not really this package. I am entertained by writers and singers aˆ“ talented performers. Maybe not some d-bag that facts they’re hot things, could not master whatever else in life so they consult with by themselves for a full time income.

They truly are damaging any and all resemblances to true country musical. The powers-that-be wish to PUSH the listener to switch their appetites and choices for this watered-down aˆ?youngaˆ? country that stands for little and feels like watered-down 1980’s pop.

Country lovers by classification, are those exactly who HOLD ONTO CUSTOM. These are the people which FIGHT AGAINST the watering down regarding lifestyles, tasks, morals, governing bodies, sounds, etc – specially against those outsiders which see their country lifestyles/traditions/jobs/morals with RIDICULE and CONTEMPT.

Which is exactly who Bobby limbs are. This guy was joke and his program may be the worst justification for broadcast this listener features heard.

I do perhaps not see how any great number of old-fashioned nation audience will merely changes their particular appetites to adjust to bro-country. The more likely strategy listed here is to carry more than pop fans.

Additionally, why don’t we perhaps not degrade 1980’s pop by researching it to this garbage. More pop tunes inside the eighties included real music, together with lyrics that couldn’t insult the listener’s intelligence.

What’s really pathetic so is this A-Hole continues to be stocking this lady and trying to switch his fans against the girl. He’s a relentless bully and I hope that people will stand-up for Kacey from this bully.

In my opinion it really is sounding as defamation now, because his continuous bad-mouthing of Kacey happens to be resulting in his listeners delivering the girl aˆ?hate-tweetsaˆ? (for diminished a better keyword). It’s really terrifying to think of exactly how much power this person enjoys throughout the traditional careers of country music artists. He has countless effect over exactly what country radio audience consider nation music artists.

Kacey Musgraves was a boring musician in my opinion. She got a back day in which she didn’t wear a gracious face nation designers manage typically and it is haunting this lady. I didn’t like Bobby Bones to start with nevertheless miss gigantic D Bubba, but In addition know he’s pals with lots of nation singers… so either they have been sucking right up or Kacey got they given back into the girl eventually. I do believe country tunes might be just fine without their.

I interned within Bobby Bones program as he was still in Top 40. There is a celebration in which a singer came in to the facility to experience a tune and, during the following phase, Bobby and Co. going producing unfavorable remarks about all of them although the artist ended up being chatting with us while we met with the radio on. It had been uncomfortable to say the least. There have been performers that could are available to area choose not to do an interview at all of our section for their past unfavorable history with him.

Bro-country is really so different both musically and lyrically from traditional country that they may as well be separate genres

Anyone above mentioned that he’ll making fun of co-hosts on-air and that I’ve had the experience whenever I’ve viewed that co-host bring most distressed across way Bobby addresses your. Lunchbox are a grown up people – and is also perhaps one of the most smart, amusing, and honestly nice humankind I’ve ever before came across – and Bobby’s have your doing this shallow, petty, asshole thing for over 10 years today. They sucks because Lunchbox is truly clever features a lot to provide tv show, and then he will get pigeonholed into calling girls fat and dumb throughout the day (when in reality, its really BOBBY who won’t offer a female another looks unless they fit his profile of what a hot girl must certanly be.)

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