‘Tinder Swindler’ extradited into Israel to handle prices

‘Tinder Swindler’ extradited into Israel to handle prices

Runaway Shimon Hayut accused of defrauding Scandinavian people this individual satisfied on online dating software out-of hundreds of thousands of dollars by posing as millionaire’s son

An Israeli fugitive just who incorrectly presented himself due to the fact kid of a multimillionaire oligarch to presumably defraud feamales in Scandinavia regarding hundreds of thousands of funds got extradited on sunday back into Israel, wherein the guy experiences numerous unlawful expense.

Shimon Hayut escaped Israel in 2017 in order to avoid test for assorted fraud-related offenses, and bounced around Europe for the following 24 months. In July, the 29-year-old Bnei Brak local am caught in Greece for making use of escort service Baltimore a fake ticket after a joint functioning between Interpol and Israel authorities.

a law enforcement spokesperson believed saturday that its analysis into Hayut was “complex and continuing” and the man is taken up to Tel Aviv police’s anti-fraud device for curious about immediately upon his own arrival at Ben-Gurion airport terminal.

Hayut will be contributed vendor Tel Aviv Magistrate’s Court for a remand reading on Tuesday. Prosecutors intend to re-indict him or her with an up-to-date model of his own original price layer, and document additional charges.

After the guy escaped Israel for your secondly amount of time in 2017, Hayut moved around Europe, offering themselves as Simon Leviev, the daughter of Russian-Israeli diamond mogul Lev Leviev. He utilized the dating app Tinder to contact people as Leviev and tricked all of them into lending your funds he never ever refunded.

In accordance with an investigative document by Norway’s Verdens group classified, Hayut swindled ladies in Norway, Finland and Sweden away hundreds of thousands of funds making use of a Ponzi design.

Dubbing him “the Tinder Swindler,” the report claimed Hayut would allure people with magnificent products and getting them to dinners on individual jets using dollars he borrowed from other women he or she previously swindled. Then, mentioning safeguards matters connected with their business opposition, he’d inquire for economic favors this individual offered to cover back.

Hayut likewise employed other folks to create his own claim most plausible, and encompassed on his own with a phony bodyguard, companies associates plus much more. The man also basically switched their identity to Leviev, so their driver’s license and passport would correspond to his or her facts.

Leviev ended up being apparently faced with thieves, forgery and fraud last year, for cashing taken investigations. Per documents, Hayut stole a checkbook belonging to a household while babysitting the youngster, and another’s while being employed as a handyman at their home.

But they fled Israel before their sentencing, deciding in Finland. In 2015, Finnish regulators energized him with defrauding three lady, and sentenced him to 24 months in prison. In 2017, he was gone back to Israel, where he had been to are re-charged and sentenced, but Hayut assumed another type of personality and escaped the land.

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Israel stated your a desired runaway, and police appealed for the help of international government to help you protect his generate. Hayut is usually sought many different fraud and forgery offenses by Norway, Sweden together with the United Kingdom.

Hayut have refuted most of the accusations against him, asking Channel 12 in a job interview that each the women having accused your of deception and burglary managed to do therefore for personal grounds.

“Maybe they couldn’t like staying in a relationship with me, and/or method in which I perform,” he said. “Maybe her spirit are damaged through the techniques.”

“we never grabbed a penny from; these girls enjoyed on their own during my corporation, the two traveled and must understand business on my dime,” Hayut recharged.

In addition, he denied taking checkbooks about ten years ago, and defended his determination to restore his label to Leviev: “We have the legal right to decide whatever term i would like, we never provided me personally like the son of individuals, but individuals make use of their unique imaginations.”

Network 12 stated that Hayut’s scams and thieves during the last 2 yrs all alone have amounted to many $10 million.

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